Monday, August 31, 2009

Hadid's Shoe

What you see is about famous, rich shoe maker’s new game – in intelligent world they call this game ‘marketing strategy’. Playing with architects. Frankly, this is what happens when an architect (to be even more precise, Zaha Hadid) gets a task to design a pair of shoe). Of course, who else  Lacoste could ask to think and perfom of transforming such structural form into a sculpture kind of a shoe? SHOE???  
To me I totally admire her notion of a form. I didn’t try the shoes on yet but it seems like they are not only an eminently functional design, but also  they are moving and mysterious sculptural work of art. From my understanding of fashion point of view, I still have to figure out how could I make this crazy shoe designs work with my ordinary life style.
One more thing, if I would design such shoe for my graduation thesis in my design school years I bet I could fail. Is this fair enough?   By the way, did you already face with the question of how much does this plastic shoe cost in Lacoste?

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