Sunday, August 23, 2009

I believe...

I believe in design. I believe in design that offers solutions. I don’t believe in absolute, I believe in relativity. Creativity is important, finding solutions in a creative way is more important. Having skills is crucial, but finding original expressions of ideas is more important. I love red, orange and green. I find plastic irresistible as a material. I love being able to create forms with plastic. I believe in motion, emotion, and innovation. I hate rituals and routines. Design should represent a sense of direction in nature and life. I care about environment. I recycle. I love earth and everything belongs to it. Straight and parallel lines are against my nature. Curve, twist, angel, bend, asymmetry are musts of design. I love abstract and geometric forms. I also love organic shapes and structures. I love art, architecture, music, movie, literature and technology. I use, prefer, Mac and Wacom. I enjoy using 3D software’s and all Adobe applications. I write letters, poems and short stories. I read Donald Norman, Gaston Bechelard, Sylvia Plath. I do abstract paint and quick hand sketching. I never forget carrying my sketchbook and my pen. I do forget my cell phone and keys. I like talking to people. I love talking to people who enhance my vision. My family is the substance of my life. I ask opinions and suggestions. However, I only listen my inner voices. I hate Renaissance and its style. I love contemporary. I hate Mona Lisa-I hate Paris Hilton too-. I love simplicity and cleanness in design, art, and architecture. I love Rose Lovegrove. I hate Karim Rashid. I hate his color palette. I love Zaha Hadid. I love to think how she looks and sees nature. I also love Philip Johnson, Brancusi, Miro. I believe in freedom and responsibility. I don’t believe in patriotism and politics. I believe in individualism. I don’t believe in prophets. I believe the existence of witches and angels. I carry evil eye on me. I eat sushi and everything comes out of sea. I buy magazines. I thank, apology, and forgive. I cry if I need to, but I laugh and smile with no reason. I have a sense of humor and I enjoy people who I can laugh with.I fail and learn from them. I don’t like history, although my past is my biggest inspiration. I have interests and I seek accomplishments within them. I have developed immunity of design, which represents happiness, curiosity and excitement. Ideology means having guidelines I don’t believe in guidelines. I jump barriers. I don’t believe in social ethics and morality I believe in liability and responsibility. 

May 13,2009 
10:51 pm

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