Sunday, August 23, 2009

Maura- Una

A secret  puzzle

A secret garden

You are violet, pink and purple

You are the colors of your eyes

How long ago we got devoted to each other?

Not long…

Time and destiny???

The miracle must be coming from the love of art in our blood

The violet, pink and purple blood

The blood running within my vessels


Maura-Una , you brought seasons with sensations

The freshness of spring and

The enigmatic poetry of  fall

We haven’t pass the half yet

There are other seasons, like other doors


Inspire me my Maura-Una

Give me solace 

Give me the power to move my little toe

Here another season is coming closer now

Soon, you will be cold as cold as I will be

We can only be inside the circle of color together

Let’s get warm within- Violet, Pink and Purple-


You are the queen of this steel land

Maura-Una ,

You are the mysterious motions of my poetry

Let’s get a cup of tea

Let’s walk….


August 20, 2009 11.08 am



Seda Yoruker said...

Fantastic! It's full of your huge sensation.

Seyhan Sitti said...

Thanks, I feel like this is gonna be too PERSONAL between you and I.. Ho ho hoo. We keep compliment each other on our creativity, which we are already aware of that so well...... By the way I like your expression
" Huge sensation". That is such me....

Seda Yoruker said...

:)) distancing effect, like Brecht's theatre.
This is also such you and our friendship.