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Skunk Anansie - You'll Follow Me Down

Balance : Wolfgang and Christoph Lauenstein (1989)

Endgame- Samuel Beckett

Frankly, I am not a big fun of Beckett but I kind of like ‘endgame’. The whole game makes the reader think about pros and cons of leaving and staying. It also attracts attention to even more psychological issue; easy to leave but difficult to stay. The complexity and irony occurs between these two sharp feelings. The characters can neither stay nor leave. Furthermore, even though the play starts very slow later it gets overloaded by circular dialogs. Therefore, it is easy to get lost in similar conversations. I also find Nagg’s and Nell’s act quite useless and meaningless. It is hard to comprehend why they even exist in the game. Without them (just Hamm and Clov) the whole game would be more satisfactory for the reader.

In conclusion, the whole game was very powerful by itself. At the end, there are very touchy scenes in which is hard not to cry.  Especially I got very emotional when Hamm wanted to open the window and hear the ocean in search of hope or for a sign of life.  That is exactly how I feel when I am stuck at the end of the game of chess. I definitely suggest everybody to read this short play. It points out very psychological issues; staying or leaving, die or live.

If you would like to read this a very thriving act- play written by Samuel Beckett here is the link:

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eski defterden- from the old notes

Senin icin olmak istedigim hic kimse degilim
Slyvia degilim, Simone De Beauvoir degilim
Dali nin Galasi,
Ludwig Beethoven' in  secret beloeved'i
Tolstoy'un Sofia'si

Her kadin gibi biraz orospu biraz katilim
Tatli, hircin ve huysuz

Basladiginda  cinko
Simdi zumrut bir kadinim.....

I am no one who I longed to become just for you
I am not Sylvia Plath, not Simone De Beauvoir
not Dali’s Gala
not L. Beethoven’s secret beloved
not Tolstoy’s Sofia
Like every women I am just a little murderer and a little harlot
Sweet, furious and mischievous
When it started, I was nickel-plated
Now, I am an emerald woman…

I found her

Ha haahaaaaaaa ( bu sana bir sey hatirlattimi.. For instance a conversation we made a while ago in Bebek park.. I told you she speaks like me ( or, me like her),  She and I seem to resemble each other closely as if I am her daughter, she looks as mad as I am....... I enjoy her so much these days. I read one poem on another then google her name to look at her beautifully funny, scarily poetic, historically old face again and again, just to get a better sensation on what I've red...


Neden böyle bir 'hata' yapıyorlar peki?
Kimse benimle anlaşamıyor! Anlamıyorlar beni.
Anlaşılmak önemli mi?
Tabi ki. Başkası olsa çoktan intihar etmişti.
Neden etmediniz?
Etmem. Bende intihar edecek göz var mı? Sıkı düşünürüm ama etmem..........

from an interview with Lale Muldur...

The city

You said, "I will go to another land, I will go to another sea.
Another city shall be found better than this.
Each one of my endeavors is condemned by fate;
my heart lies buried like a corpse.
How long in this disintegration can the mind remain.
Wherever I turn my eyes, wherever I gaze,
I see here only the black ruins of my life
where I have spent so many years, and ruined and wrecked myself."

New places you shall never find, you'll not find other seas.
The city still shall follow you. You'll wander still
in the same streets, you'll roam in the same neighborhoods,
in these same houses you'll turn gray.
You'll always arrive at this same city. Don't hope for somewhere
no ship for you exists, no road exists.
Just as you've ruined your life here, in this
small corner of earth, you've wrecked it now the whole world

Constantine P. Cavafy ( Kavafis)

Friday, September 18, 2009

The Poetics of Space

 I read it again again.... as you told me, different chapters open different spaces......such a joy to read .....

“Sight says too many things at the same time. Being does not see itself. Perhaps it listens to itself." 
 G. Bachelard

cindy sherman


Man on Wire

Philippe Petit did the unthinkable, he walked between the World Trade Center on tightrope,  August 7, 1974. Amazing documentary. **************

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