Wednesday, November 17, 2010

“fear of flying by Erica Jong”

1-    I couldn’t be a hippy because my mother already dressed like a hippy (while believing in territoriality and the universality of war).
2-    I couldn’t rebel against Judaism because I hadn’t any to rebel against.
3-    I couldn’t rail at my Jewish mother because the problem deeper than jewishness or mothers.
4-    I couldn’t be an artist on pain of being painted over
5-     I couldn’t be poet on pain of being crossed out
6-    I couldn’t e anything else because that was ordinary
7-    I couldn’t be a communist because my mother had been there ….

 What possibility remained open to me? In what cramped corner could I act out what I so presumptuously called my life? I felt rather like those children of post smoking parents who become raging squares. I could perhaps take off across Europe whit Andiran Goodlove and never come home to NewYork at all…..

 From the book I am reading right now “fear of flying  by Erica Jong”
 “The most uninhibited delicious erotic novel a woman ever wrote”  John Updike from New Yorker.

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