Sunday, September 18, 2011

A jewelry designer in der Region Haute-Normandie

Etretat in der Normandie....

Once Upon A Time I was a....

once upon a time....

i live in the dreamland
yo ho ho ho hooooo
in that dreamland, I found a little creature named Ada
she was so beautiful, so talented, so smart, so charming
she was also so magical
she could be anything, do anything she wants
she followed me everywhere like a little dolphin and told me all kinds of magical stories
one day,
she told me " In the kingdom, there was a flying mermaid..."
i said " come on,  stop stop there....there are no flying mermaids..."
she said " um um ummmm...mommmm, there are also no mermaids, it is just a story not the real ;-))))


YOU are my snow white, my cinderella, my angel, my gretel, my alice, my heidi and my sleeping beauty, and my little flying mermaid......